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7.14.11 Slender Columns

When columns are slender the internal forces determined by a first-order analysis may not be sufficiently accurate. The change in column geometry from its deflection causes secondary moments to be induced by the column axial force, also referred to as the P-A effect. In stocky columns these secondary moments are minor. For columns that are part of a nonsway frame, for which analysis shows limited side-sway deflection, the effects of column slenderness can be neglected if the column slenderness ratio kl

The effective length factor k can be obtained from Figure 7.25 or be conservatively assumed to be 1.0 for nonsway frames. The radius of gyration r may be taken to be 0.30 times the overall dimension of a rectangular column (in the direction of stability) or 0.25 times the diameter for circular columns. The ratio of the column end moments (M1/M2) is taken as positive if the column is bent in single curvature, and negative in double curvature.

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