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Note that the tension field action can be considered in the design only for nonhybrid girders. If the tension field action is considered, transverse stiffeners must be provided and spaced at a distance so that the computed average web shear stress, fv, obtained by dividing the total shear by the web area does not exceed the allowable shear stress, Fv, given by Equation 4.88. In addition, the computed bending tensile stress in the panel where tension field action is considered cannot exceed 0.60Fy, nor (0.825 — 0.375fv/Fv)Fy where fv is the computed average web shear stress and Fv is the allowable web shear stress given in Equation 4.88. The shear transfer criterion given by Equation 4.91 must also be satisfied. Transverse Stiffeners

Transverse stiffeners must be designed to satisfy the following criteria.

Moment ofinertia criterion: With reference to an axis in the plane of the web, the moment of inertia of the stiffeners, in in.4, shall satisfy the condition

where h is the clear distance between flanges, in inches. Area criterion: The total area of the stiffeners, in in.2, shall satisfy the condition

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