1. Stirling engine builders: engines with kinematic drive

(i) Dr. Ir. C. L. Spigt, Stirling Engine Division. N. V. Philips. Eindhoven, Netherlands.

(ii) Mr. Alex Daniels, Philips Laboratories,

Division of North American Philips Corp.,

345 Scarborough RcJ,

BriarclifT Manor.

New York 10510. USA.

(iii) Dr. Ing. P. Zacharias Motoren-Werke Mannheim A. G., Postfach 1563,

D-6800 Mannheim 1, West Germany.

(iv) Dr. Ing. U. Zapf, Maschinent'abrik-Augsburg-Nurnburg, D 8900 Augsburg 1, Stadtbachstrassc 1,

West Germany.

United Stirling (Sweden) AB and Co., Faek.

201 10 Malmo 1. Sweden.

(vi) F.F V Industrial Products, Linkoping, Sweden.

(vii) Mr. Lennart Johannson. Stirling Power Systems Corp.. 7101 Jackson Rd,

Ann ArbOr. Michigan 48103, USA.

Alternative Engine Programme, Research and Engineering Centre. Ford Motor Company, P.O. Box 2053,

Dearborn. Michigan 48121, USA.

(tx) Mr. Bruce Goldwatcr,

Mechanical Technology Inc., 968 Albany-Shaker Rd., Latham, New York 12110, USA.

Advanced Energy Systems Division. General Electric Co.. Valley Forge Space Division. Valley Forge, Pen na 19481. USA.

Jet Propidsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, 4800 Oak Grove Drive, Pasadena. California 91103. USA.

2. Stirling engine builders: free-piston engines

Mr. William Beale, President, Sunpowcr Inc., Bromley Bdlg., Athens, Ohio, USA.

Dr. Glen Benson.

Energy Research and Generation Inc.. Lowell and 57th St., Oakland, Ca. 94608, USA.

Mr. Bruce Goldwatcr, Mechanical Technology Inc., 968 Albany-Shaker Rd., Latham. New York 12110, USA.

Advanced Energy Systems Division. General Electric Co., Valley Forge, Penna. 19481, USA. Dr. E. H. Cooke-Yarborough, Harwell Laboratory,

Instrumentation and Applied Physics Division. A.E.R.E.. Harwell. Oxford OX 11 ORA, U.K.

(vi) Mr. N. Spottiswoode, AGA Navigation Aids Ltd.. 77 High St..

Brentford. Middlesex TW8 OAB. U.K.

(vii) Dr. Ir. G. Praast. Cryogenics Division, N. V. Phillips, Eindhoven, Netherlands.

3. Artificial heart engines

(i) Mr. R. Johnston, Richland Energy Laboratory┬╗ Joint Centre for Graduate Study, University of Washington,

100 Sprout Road,

Richland, Washington 99352, USA.

Aerojet Liquid Rocket Co.. P.O. Box 13222, Sacramento. Ca. 95813, USA.

(iii) Mr. Alex Daniels, Philips Laboratories.

Division of North American Philips Co.. 345 Scarborough Road, Rriarclifl Manor. New York 10510, USA.

4. Model Stirling engine builders

(i) Mr. John Griflin. Solar Engines,

2937 W. Indian School Rd., Phoenix, Arizona 85017. USA.

ECO Motor Industries Ltd.. P.O. Box 934,

Guclph, Ontario NIH 6M5, Canada.

(iii) Mr. A. Ross, Ross Enterprises, 37 W. Broad St.. Suite 630,

Columbus. Ohio 43215, USA. iivj Drawings for small Ueinrici engines may be obtained from: Model Aeronautical Press Ltd., 13/35 Bridge St.. Hemcl I lempstcad, Herts, U.K.

(v) Castings for the above engine may be obtained from: A. J. Reeves and Co. Ltd..

416 Moselcv Road, Birmingham BI2 9AX, U.K.

(vi) Model engines for sale arc frequently advertised in:

(a) Model Engineer Magazine, 13/35 Bridge St..

Hemcl Hempstead. Herts, U.K.

(b) Catalogues of Cherrys of Richmond, Ltd., Richmond, Middlesex,

Solar Stirling Engine Basics Explained

Solar Stirling Engine Basics Explained

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