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125Content Based Image Retrieval

Retrieval of a query image from a large image archive is an important application in image processing. The advent of large multimedia collection and digital libraries has led to an important requirement for development of search tools for indexing and retrieving information from them. A number of good search engines are available today for retrieving the text in machine readable form, but there are not many fast tools to retrieve intensity and color images. The traditional approaches to searching and indexing images are slow and expensive. Thus there is urgent need for development of algorithms for retrieving the image using the embedded content in them.

How is this implemented

In principle the design history of a product should be archived and made available to future designers. Design history can be placed in a database or library that is accessible to future designers. A rather old way of doing this was for companies to create design manuals containing data sheets, fact sheets and general information sheets on design topics - a sort of design guide that captured experience. Companies should still be doing this but many will by now have converted to electronic storage medium with the added advantage of a search engine. Information will also be available from trade associations, libraries and learned societies. Often professional journals, published literature and even newspapers can contain useful information for designers. In your model of the design process you need to install a research process that is initiated prior to commencing design of a system, subsystem, equipment or component. The research process needs to commence with an inquiry such as 'Have...

Application Of Computer Networking Using Neural Network

This chapter investigates the application of perceptron neural networks in modeling traffic sources in packet based computer communication networks. It is motivated by recent measurement studies that indicate the presence of significant statistical features in packet traffic belong to the fractal nature of the processes rather than their stochastic nature. The chapter first provides an illustration of the statistical features of the measured traffic over the Internet. It then outlines a learning scheme based on back propagation algorithm for a class of perceptron neural networks that can be used to capture several of the fractal properties observed in actual data. The most important conclusion of this chapter is that, despite the existence of numerical difficulties, neural networks may allow building of accurate models to predict the behavior of packet traffic sources. As another important difference between the aggregated bursty traffic and the so called Poisson-like conventional...

Database General Information

Polymer Search on the Internet This is the RAPRA free internet search engine. The number of plastic-related websites is increasing exponentially, yet searching for relevant information is often laborious and cosdy. During 1999 RAPRA Technology Ltd., the UK-based plastics and rubber consultancy, launched what is believed to be the first free Internet search engine focused exclusively in the plastics industry. It is called (PSI). It is accessiblc at Companies involved in any plastic-related activity are invited to submit their web-site address for free inclusion on PSI. The USA office is RAPRA Technology's USA office is in Charlotte, NC (tel. 704-571-4005).

We have created a new version of this free online Glossary with greatly increased functionality Flash Mxbased

Note This version of our Internet Glossary of Pumps will be left online for those with slow Internet connections and for the search Engine Bots (which don't search FLASH files very well), but it will not be upgraded to the look and feel of the MX project, and new definitions will link directly to the MX version We regret any inconvenience and stongly urge you to try out the MX version A CD with the entire MX version of the Glossary of Pumps can be purchased for

222Technical reports

As there are so many technical publications available, finding associated technical reports and articles can be time consuming. A good search engine on a computer-based information retrieval system is invaluable in this respect. Unfortunately, such help is not always available but even when it is, the database may not contain recent articles. Older, but still quite relevant, technical articles might also be easily missed when a search relies on computer search and retrieval systems. All computer search systems are very dependent on the user's ability to choose key words which will match those used by whoever catalogued the material in the search system database. Success with such systems is often both difficult and incomplete as the user and the computer try to match an often quite different set of key words to describe a common subject. It becomes somewhat of a game, in which two people with different backgrounds try to describe the same physical object based on their own...

61 Introduction

To make EC work as a search engine for feature construction, two important questions have to be answered how to represent feature mappings G as solutions s e S, and how to evaluate individuals. This chapter gives answers to these questions and provides rationale for the proposed EFP method. However, we abstract here from any application-specific knowledge (e.g., knowledge related to computer vision). The particular examples of applying the proposed approach to specific applications will be, provided in chapter 7.

Web Searching

The Aeneid search engine uses XML tags and sophisticated text retrieval to find and correlate related information at multiple Web sites. Aeneid personalizes Web searches and allows the information to be analyzed using XML. Most of today's search engines look for text. As the Web grows and more types of different media is available, the ability to search through this array of information becomes more difficult. Virage's VideoLogger is a product designed for coding and accessing video content. Virage's software allow users to search through video files for specific spoken words and phrases.

48 Conclusions

Genetic algorithms offer a powerful alternative as search engines as they allow handling multi-variate, nonlinear objective functions and constraints and base their search only on information relative to the objective function to be optimized and not on its derivatives. Alternative strategies of efficiently embedding the Monte Carlo simulation approach into the genetic algorithm search engine are possible. For example, the number of Monte Carlo trials can be increased in a progressive manner as the selection process proceeds over the best performing individuals. Further research can be undertaken to investigate the effectiveness of these alternatives.

Sigmadelta modulator

Siding civ eng A short railroad track connected to the main track at one or more points and used to move railroad cars in order to free traffic on the main line or for temporary storage of cars. Also known as sidetrack. 'sTd-ig siemens elec A unit of conductance, admittance, and susceptance, equal to the conductance between two points of a conductor such that a potential difference of 1 volt between these points produces a current of 1 ampere the conductance of a conductor in siemens is the reciprocal of its resistance in ohms. Formerly known as mho (H) reciprocal ohm. Symbolized S. 'seT-msnz sieve eng 1. A meshed or perforated device or sheet through which dry loose material is refined, liquid is strained, and soft solids are comminuted. 2. A meshed sheet with apertures of uniform size used for sizing granular materials. siv

The Internet

Some publishers, and other companies, have 'search engines' that are specifically aimed at scientific information. Elsevier Science, the group of companies that publish this book outside Europe, make the SCIRUS system available. Dedicated search engines are more efficient at finding specific information and they avoid companies trying to sell you things.

111 Introduction

Retrieval of a query image from a large database of images is an important task in the area of computer vision and image processing. The advent of large multimedia collection and digital libraries has led to an important requirement for development of search tools for indexing and retrieving information from them. A number of good search engines are available today for retrieving the text in machine readable form, but there are not many fast tools to retrieve intensity and color images. The traditional approaches to searching and indexing images are slow and expensive. Thus there is continued need to develop efficient algorithms in image mining and CBIR.


That capitalize on their database of companies. As Thomas Regional points out in a press release published on their web site, industrial buyers today face the same recurring problems with the large search engines that researchers, consumers, and virtually everyone else encounters.

115 Video Mining

Currently text-based search engines are commercially available, and they are predominant in the World Wide Web for search and retrieval of information. However, demand for search and mining multimedia data based on its content description is growing. Search and retrieval of contents is no longer restricted to traditional database retrieval applications. As an example, it is often required to find a video clip of a certain event in a television studio. In the future the content customers will demand to search and retrieve video clips

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