Mathematical Modeling Of Flow Processes

A clear understanding and analysis of the role of flow processes in determining reactor performance leads to specific definitions of the objectives of the flow model. The next step is to develop a mathematical model for simulating flow processes occurring in the reactor, which will meet the defined objectives. Numerous types of chemical reactors, having different hardware configurations and modes of operation, are used in practice. More often than not, the flow processes occurring in these industrial reactors are turbulent and may involve more than one phase. It is, however, essential to understand the basics of mathematical modeling of single phase flow processes before one attempts to model complex flow processes occurring in industrial reactors. The scope of this chapter is restricted to discussing these basic aspects of mathematical modeling of single-phase flow processes. This chapter, thus, will form a basis for further discussions on the modeling of turbulent, multiphase and reactive flow processes (the following three chapters). This chapter is divided into three sections: governing equations, auxiliary equations and boundary conditions. A brief discussion and summary is provided at the end.

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