chemical reaction

due to chemical reactions

< Porosity k Coefficient of bulk viscosity or Van Karmann constant (Eq. (3.26)) or

Local surface curvature, Eq. (4.8)

A.k Kolmogorov length scale where inertial sub-range ends

A.s Solid's bulk viscosity

A.e Linear interpolation factor i Coefficient of viscosity

|eff Effective viscosity

|s Solids viscosity v Kinematic viscosity of the fluid veff Effective kinematic viscosity of the fluid

œ Vorticity n Molecular flux of momentum, Eq. (2.5)

0s Granular temperature

0 Parameter controlling degree of implicitness or blade angle, Eq. (9.1)

p Density of fluid a Surface tension or turbulent Prandlt number t Viscous stress tensor, residence time ts Solid stress tensor tw Wall shear stress

^ Speculiarity coefficient

Y,k Sum over all k

Subscripts and superscripts
0 0

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