Fixed Bed And Other Types Of Reactors

Three major generic types of reactor, stirred, bubble column and fluidized bed reactors have been discussed in the previous three chapters. In this chapter, we briefly cover the other major generic reactor type, the fixed bed reactor. Apart from these four major reactor types, several special types of reactors are also used in practice. Newer reactor types are being invented to optimally carry out new processes (catalytic converters, chemical vapor deposition reactors, microreactors, membrane reactors and so on). It is not possible to cover all these types in detail in a single book. A brief review of some recent applications of CFD models to other types of reactor is included in this chapter. The review is not an exhaustive one but rather, is indicative of possible applications of computational flow modeling to different types of reactor. The general methodology of applying computational flow models to reactor engineering applications as discussed in this and preceding chapters may be extended to any other reactor type.

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