75 Summary

Modifications and enhancements in the basic finite volume method, necessary for simulations of complex multiphase or reactive flows, are discussed in this chapter. Approximations invoked in linearization of source terms and interpolation practices need to be examined carefully in light of their implications on convergence and accuracy. For most of the multiphase flow simulation methods, suitable modifications need to be incorporated in the discretized equations to avoid non-physical results. Some such modifications are discussed in this chapter. Complex geometry of the considered solution domain often poses severe challenges to convergence behavior and accuracy of the simulation method. Some suggestions with respect to these aspects are included. Aspects of error analysis to identify various sources of errors appearing in the construction of the overall numerical solution method are also discussed. Once an adequate control on numerical errors is established, evaluation or validation of the underlying physical model may be carried out. Even though the user is not interested in writing an in-house code, the issues discussed in this chapter will be useful for carrying out simulations of complex flows using ready-to-use commercial CFD codes.

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