10 15 20 Riser height, m

FIGURE 12.25 Evaluation of operating strategy to enhance gasoline yield (from Gao et al., 1999). Unit II: Standard operation of riser reactor: Cases 1-3 represent water injected at a riser height of = 602.3°C, catalyst flux = 9.93 kg s-1. Case 2: Increased (3.5%) temperature of

11.4 m. Case 1: Tre regenerated catalyst. Case 3: Increased (20%) catalyst flux.

necessary to use a hierarchy of modeling tools as discussed in Chapter 9 to achieve the reactor engineering objectives. A reactor engineer has to ensure that the computational model contains adequate basic physics, that the numerical implementation is well within set tolerances, and that simulations capture all the relevant flow features. Judicious use of such computational flow models will greatly reduce the burden on experimental studies and will lead to better-engineered configurations of fluidized bed reactors.

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