122 Cfd Modeling Of Gassolid Reactors

Basic approaches to modeling gas-solid flows, namely, Eulerian-Eulerian and Eulerian-Lagrangian, are discussed in Chapter 4. For gas-solid flow modeling, usually, Eulerian-Lagrangian models are called discrete particle models and Eulerian-Eulerian models are called granular flow models. Granular flow models (GFM) are continuum based and are more suitable for simulating large and complex industrial fluidized bed reactors containing billions of solid particles. These models, however, require information about solid phase rheology and particle-particle interaction laws. In principle, discrete particle models (DPM) can supply such information. DPMs in turn need closure laws to model fluid-particle interactions and particle-particle interaction parameters based on contact theory and material properties. The interrelationship between various models is schematically shown in Fig. 12.6. In principle, it is possible to work our way upwards from direct solution of Navier-Stokes

Eulerian-Eulerian models

(Continuum models)

Simulations of complex industrial fluidized bed reactors

Particle-Particle interaction closure laws/ -=ยก0 solids phase rheology

Lattice Boltzmann models

Discrete particle models/ Eulerian-Lagrangian models

Fluid particle interaction closure laws

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