114 Summary

Application of a Eulerian-Eulerian approach to modeling flow in bubble column reactors is discussed in detail. Some recent applications of this and Eulerian-Lagrangian and VOF approaches were reviewed to identify areas which need further research. Despite their limitations, CFD models are capable of predicting the detailed flow field within bubble columns. By devising effective methods to graphically display numerical solutions, many aspects of the flow structure can be carefully studied. Moreover, CFD models may be used to study various aspects of flow fields that are not easily amenable to experimental measurements. Some recent examples of using CFD models to simulate industrial bubble column reactors were discussed. Judicious use of computational models will be useful to qualitatively grade different configurations and may greatly assist the engineering decision-making process. Recent progress in the development of coalescence break-up models may enhance the ability of computational models to make quantitative predictions of mass transfer in bubble column reactors.

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