Introductory statistics

Statistical representation of data ?

Representing data using histograms ?

Properties of the Normal distribution ?

The Standard Normal distribution ?

Appendix 2 Process capability studies ?

Process capability concepts ?

Process capability index ?

Appendix 3 Overview of the key tools and techniques ?

A Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) ?

B Quality Function Deployment (QFD) ?

C Design for Assembly/Design for Manufacture

D Design of Experiments (DOE) ?

Appendix 4 Process capability maps ?

Index to maps ?

Sheet A Casting processes ?

Sheet B Casting processes (continued) ?

Sheet C Casting processes (continued) ?

Sheet D Hot forging processes ?

Sheet E Cold forming processes ?

Sheet F Cold drawing and rolling processes ?

Sheet G Extrusion processes ?

Sheet H Sheet metalworking processes ?

Sheet I Sheet metalworking processes (continued) ?

Sheet K Machining processes ?

Sheet L machining processes (continued) ?

Sheet M Powder metallurgy processes ?

Sheet N Plastic moulding processes ?

Sheet P Elastomer and composite moulding processes ?

Sheet Q Non-traditional machining processes 6

Sheet R Non-traditional maching processes (continued) ?

Appendix 5 Sample case studies used in validation ?

Appendix 6 Additional assembly process risk charts ?

A Miscellaneous operations ?

B Later mechanical deformation ?

C Adhesive bonding ?

D Brazing and soldering ?

E Resistance welding ?

F Fusion welding ?

Appendix 7 Blank conformability analysis tables ?

A Variability risks results table ?

B Conformability matrix ?

Appendix 8 Assembly problems with two tolerances ?

Appendix 9 Properties of continuous distributions ?

A Probability Density Functions (PDF) ?

B Equivalent mean and standard deviation ?

C Cumulative Distribution Functions (CDF) ?

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