4> varies with sftell and joint stiffness from 0.33 to 0.38 knuckle radius. <

1) Formula of proper form to fit circle and infinite rectangle as n varies from 1 to 10.

2) Formulas for load distributed over 0.0001 plate area to match circle when n = 1. They give reasonable values for stress when n = 0. Stress is lower for larger area subject to load.

3) Formulas of empirical form to fit Hutte values for square when n = 1. They give reasonable values when n = 0. Assume load on 0.01 of area.

4) Only apparent stresses considered.

5) These formulas are not to be used in determining failure.

Reprinted by permission of AISI, Committee of Steel Plate Producers and Steel Plate Fabricators Association, Inc. from Steel Plate Engineering Data, Volume 2

Table M-2

Fiat Plate Coefficients

Stress Coefficients—Circle with Concentrated Center Load


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