924Polymer dispersions

Polyvinyl acetate (PVA), acrylic and other polymer dispersions have been widely used as anti-dust treatments for concrete floors for many years. In general, the polymer dispersions have been similar to those used in the manufacture of emulsion paints, and until recently have tended to be based on dispersions of relatively large polymer particles (particle size 0.15-0.25 x 10~6m). Dispersions are now becoming available which offer superior performance as floor sealers. The chemical and water resistance of the various polymer dispersions which have been used in the past vary considerably from the PVA types, which are rapidly softened and eventually washed out by water, to acrylic and SBR types which exhibit excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals. Water-based sealers are gaining wider acceptance because of

Self-leveling epoxy, polyester or reactive acrylic resin systems 9/105

the increased handling problems associated with polymer solutions based on hydrocarbon solvents.

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