1417Building fabric

14.17.1 Outer walls

The outer walls of a building should be commensurate with the security risk. The use of robust construction and materials (e.g. those resistant to manual attack and damage) is essential to the initial provision of security. Criminals will exploit weaknesses in walls. Where lightweight claddings are employed, a reinforcing lining such as welded steel mesh can enhance security. Where the security risk is high it may be necessary to reinforce even brick or cinder block walls in a similar manner.

14.17.2 Roofs

Roofs are a common means of access to criminals. Where necessary, access can be minimized or deterred by:

1. Restricting access to the rooftop by physical barriers;

2. Applying anti-climb paint or spiked collars to access routes such as drain pipes;

3. Use of strategic lighting of the roof area;

4. Fitting expanded metal or welded mesh below the roof covering, sandwiched between the skins of double-skinned roof coverings or within the roof space;

5. Roof openings, including roof lights and ventilation, should be treated, from a security point of view, in the same way as openings, located elsewhere in the building fabric.

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