1372Electric passenger and goods lifts

Pre-commissioning inspection service for lifts is normally undertaken in one of three ways:

1. At works, at site and during test

2. At site and during test

3. During test only.

It is recommended that the lift specification should call for compliance with British Standards, and the service usually commences with perusal of drawings and specifications. The inspection service can include machine parts prior to assembly and a similar examination of electrical components. Guide rails, brackets and supporting structures are examined and the lift manufacturer's shop tests on motor-control equipment and high-voltage tests of electrical equipment are witnessed. A car sling, safety gear and counter-weight assembly are checked prior to dispatch and shop tests on the governor unit are witnessed. The on-site inspection would include supporting steelwork, the alignment of the car and counterweight guides and the door or gate mountings. The mechanical and electrical parts of the lift would be examined on completion of erection. The manufacturer's tests would be witnessed by the engineer surveyor, including balance tests, performance tests, round trip with 10 per cent overload, safety gear test, limit switch tests, static testing of brake, gate/door lock as well as earth continuity tests and insulation tests. All these inspections are reported with the reports dispatched at intervals during manufacture and a final report is submitted on completion.

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