Vision 21 Benefits

Many benefits will be realized by Vision 21 successes. Environmental barriers to fossil fuel use will be removed, including advances in control of smog- and acid-rain-forming pollutants and particulate and hazardous air pollutants, capture and sequestration of carbon dioxide, and minimization and utilization of solid wastes. Affordable energy costs will be maintained by using a wide range of low-cost fossil fuel options. Useful co-products, including transportation fuels, will be produced in the energy plant that will reduce reliance on imported oil, stabilize oil prices, and improve the U.S. balance of trade. The United States will continue its leadership role in clean energy technology by promoting export of fossil energy and environmental technology, equipment, and sales.

Guide to Alternative Fuels

Guide to Alternative Fuels

Your Alternative Fuel Solution for Saving Money, Reducing Oil Dependency, and Helping the Planet. Ethanol is an alternative to gasoline. The use of ethanol has been demonstrated to reduce greenhouse emissions slightly as compared to gasoline. Through this ebook, you are going to learn what you will need to know why choosing an alternative fuel may benefit you and your future.

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