Table 610

Factors for Selecting Fabrics


Cotton fabrics have good abrasion resistance and mechanical strength but are subject to rot, mildew, and shrinkage. Maximum operating temperature is 180°F.

Polypropylene (Propex®)

Polypropylene fabrics offer good tensile strength and abrasion resistance and perform well in organic and mineral acids, solvents, and alkalis. Polypropylene is attacked by nitric and chlorosulfonic acids and by sodium and potassium hydroxide at high temperatures and concentrations. Maximum operating temperature is 200°F.

Nylon fabrics have good tensile strength and alkali resistance. Nylon is degraded by mineral acids and oxidizing agents; this reaction is accelerated at high concentrations and temperatures. Maximum operating temperature is 250°F.

Acrylic (Dratex®)

The resistance of homopolymer acrylic fibers is excellent in organic solvents, good in oxidizing agents and mineral and organic acids, and fair in alkalis. They dissolve in sulfuric acid concentrations. Maximum operating temperature is 260°F.


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