FIGURE 6-9. Comparison of SO2 removal as a function of NSR and particle size when using sodium bicarbonate. Tests identified by the BA code were performed in a coal-fired, pilot-scale facility, and the tests coded PSU were performed in a coal-fired, industrial boiler system. Both facilities were equipped with fabric filter baghouses. The Penn State tests were performed with a flue gas temperature of ~380°F, and the pilot-scale tests were performed at ~300°F. All tests were performed with sorbent from the same vendor. (From Bland, V. V. and C. E. Martin, Full-Scale Demonstration of Additives for NO2 Reduction with Dry Sodium Desulfurization, EPRI GS-6852, Electric Power Research Institute, Palo Alto, CA, June 1990; Miller, B. G. et al., The Development of Coal-Based Technologies for Department of Defense Facilities: Phase II Final Report, DE-FC22-92PC92162, prepared for the U.S. Department of Energy, Federal Energy Technology Center, Pittsburgh, PA, July 31, 2000, 784 pages.)

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