Selenium compounds

°Caprolactam was delisted on June 18, 1996.

^Hydrogen sulfide was inadvertently added to the Section 112(b) list of HAPs through a clerical error. A joint resolution was passed by Congress and approved by the President on December 4, 1991, to remove hydrogen sulfide from Section 112(b). Hydrogen sulfide is included in Section 112(r) and is subject to accidental release provisions.

CX'CN where X = H'or any other group where a formal dissociation may occur—for example, KCN or Ca(CN)2.

d Includes mono- and diethers of ethylene glycol—diethylene glycol and triethylene glycol R-(OCH2CH2)fl-OR' where n = 1, 2, or 3; R = alkyl or aryl groups; R' = R, H, or groups that, when removed, yield glycol ethers with the structure R-(OCH2CH)n-OH. Polymers are excluded from the glycol category.

eIncludes mineral fiber emissions from facilities manufacturing or processing glass, rock, or slag fibers (or other mineral-derived fibers) of average diameter 1 ^m or less. f Includes organic compounds with more than one benzene ring and which have a boiling point greater than or equal to 100°C.

gA type of atom that spontaneously undergoes radioactive decay.

Note: For all of the listings that contain the word "compounds" and for glycol ethers, the following applies: Unless otherwise specified, these listings are defined as including any unique chemical substance that contains the named chemical (i.e., antimony, arsenic, etc.) as part of the infrastructure of that chemical.

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