Early History of US Coal Mining and

Coal was reportedly used by the Indians of the Southwest prior to the arrival of the early explorers in America [9]. The first record of coal in the United States is on a map prepared in 1673-1674 by the Frenchman Louis Joliet. It shows charbon de terra along the Illinois River in northern Illinois. In 1701, coal was discovered near Richmond, Virginia, and a map drawn in 1736 shows the location of several "cole mines'' on the upper Potomac River, near what is now the border of Maryland and West Virginia. By the mid-1700s, coal was also reported in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Kentucky, and the first commercial U.S. coal production was initiated near Richmond, Virginia [9]. Blacksmiths in colonial days used small amounts of coal to supplement the charcoal normally burned in their forges. Farmers dug coal from beds exposed at the surface and sold it. Although most of the coal for the larger cities along the eastern seaboard was imported from England and Nova Scotia, some of it came from Virginia [9].

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