CCT Program Funding and Costs

The five CCT Program solicitations resulted in the demonstration of 38 projects as of 2003. Several additional projects were started; however, for a variety of reasons (primarily financial), these projects were terminated. In fact, two advanced power generation projects (i.e., City of Lakeland, Department of Water & City Utilities projects; summarized in the next section as part of the portfolio of 38 projects) were active for approximately a decade but were terminated in the summer of 2003 due to financial issues. Of the 38 projects, in addition to the two recently terminated, 31 demonstration projects have been completed, two are in operation, one is in construction, and two are in design [8,9]. The 38 projects have resulted in a combined commitment by the federal government and the private sector of $5.2 billion. The DOE's cost-share for these projects is ~$1.7 billion, or ~34% of the total [4]. The project participants (i.e., non-federal government participants) are providing the remaining $3.4 billion, or 66%, of the total. Table 7-1 summarizes the costs, cost-sharing, and application categories of the CCT projects.

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