electricity (C/kWh)A

a Plant that can be built using current state-of-the-art technology; plant meets New Source Performance Standards; NOx levels below 0.15 lb/MM Btu can be achieved with a combination of advanced combustion and SCR technologies; some mercury (Hg) reduction is achieved as a co-benefit with existing environmental control technologies. By-product utilization represents an average for existing plant locations, as actual plant utilization ranges from essentially zero to near 100%. No carbon capture and sequestration; figures reflect current cooling tower technology or use.

fcFor NOx, reduce cost for achieving <0.10 and 0.05 lb/MM Btu to three-fourths that of SCR by 2005 and 2010, respectively.

cAchieve particulate matter (PM) targets for existing plant in 2010 and 99.99% capture of 0.10-10 ^m particles.

d Achieve 50-70% Hg reduction at less than three-fourths the cost of activated carbon injection by 2005.

eHHV, based on fuel higher heating value. f Percent of time capable of generating power.

gRange reflects projection for different plant technologies that will achieve environmental performance and energy cost targets.

hBus-bar cost of electricity.

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