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of which about $4 billion will come from the federal government [63]. For perspective, the end-use price of electricity in the United States is greater than $230 billion/year, and fuel cost estimates for U.S. coal-fired power generation range from $25 to $30 billion/year. The capital cost savings reflect savings of $100 and $200/kW for new plants built in 2010 and 2020, respectively. The savings in control technology include savings resulting from increased by-product utilization. Avoided environmental costs considered only SO2 (at $200/ton SO2) and NOz (at $800/ton NOz) emissions. The estimate for increased exports is based on current estimates for power-generating machinery and equipment (i.e., $30-$35 billion/year) and for increased market penetration for clean coal technology primarily in developing countries. Other benefits include increased jobs from technology export, estimated to be 75,000 new jobs per year in 2010, increasing to 200,000 per year in 2020.

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