Powder Properties and Applications

Currently, there are four types of nickel powders produced by thermally decomposing nickel tetracarbonyl--single spikey particles, filaments, high-surface-area powders, and high-density semismooth particles. These powders exhibit uniform size and structure and high surface areas, and the method of production affords a high degree of purity with respect to other metallic elements.

Spikey particles are a general-purpose type of nickel powder (Inco type 123). They are fine and regular in shape, with rough surface projections (Fig. 2). The powder typically contains 700 to 900 mL/m3 (700 to 900 ppm) oxygen, 3 to 5 vaL/vci (3 to 5 ppm) iron, 1 mL/m3 (1 ppm) sulfur or less, and 600 to 700 mL/m3 (600 to 700 ppm) of graphitic carbon. The Fisher subsieve size is 3 to 7 /(m, and apparent density is 1.8 to 2.7 g/cm3. Surface area is on the order of 0.4 m2/g (BET).

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