Other Applications

Hardfacing. Carbide/metal mixtures very similar to hardmetal formulations are applied onto machine parts to improve their wear resistance. This can be done by flame or plasma spraying of powders or by welding electrodes. For this application, not only tungsten carbide powder as described above is used, but also so-called cast carbide, which is basically a crushed W2C/WC mixture (Ref 56).

Electrical Contacts. A rather small quantity is used for the production of WC/Ag contact materials.

Diamond Tools. In diamond tool manufacturing, tungsten carbide powder (together with certain metal powders) are sometimes used to adjust the properties of soldering alloys in which the diamonds are embedded (Ref 56).

Catalysts. Some indications in the literature describe the use of very fine tungsten carbide with high surface area as catalyst in electrochemical reactions (Ref 64).

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