Nickel Silvers

Only one nickel-silver-base alloy composition, 65%Cu-18%Ni-17%Zn, is commonly used in the P/M industry. This alloy can be modified by the addition of lead to improve machinability. Foundry practices are similar to those employed for brasses, except the melting temperature is in excess of 1093 °C (2000 °F). A micrograph of a 63%Cu-18%Ni-17%Zn-2%Pb alloy powder is shown in Fig. 7. Typical physical properties of a nickel silver alloy composition are given in Table 1.

Fig. 7 Scanning electron micrograph of prealloyed, air-atomized nickel silver (63%Cu-18%Ni-17%Zn-2%Pb). 165x

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