Metals, for example, stainless steels (Ref 16, 28), high-speed tool steels (Ref 33, 34), and tungsten alloys (Ref 10), have been produced using binder-assisted extrusion. Again, both room-temperature and hot extrusions have been made. Acrawax C has been used as a plastic binder for the hot extrusion of a high-speed tool steel. A water-soluble hydroxypropyl methylcellulose has been employed as the binder system for the room-temperature extrusion of stainless steel powders. A solvent-based binder has been employed in the extrusion of the tungsten powders. The hot-extrusion technique has also been employed to fabricate 1.5 mm diam wires of a two phase Ni3Al and NiAl (Ni-36.8 at.% Al) intermetallic alloy (Ref 21).

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