Materials Processed by PIF

A range of materials have been processed by PIF for a variety of applications. Early applications of the technique were for automotive applications for iron-base parts where high performance in either mechanical or magnetic properties was sought. Various aluminum applications for automotive use were also evaluated. In both applications, near-full density (98% or better) was achieved. Nickel and nickel aluminides have also been consolidated by PIF with good success (100% dense) by direct densification of powders in encapsulation containers. Various other nickel alloys have also been consolidated from powder preforms as well. Titanium and titanium/aluminum systems have also been consolidated very effectively by PIF. One such application has been sputtering targets. Other applications for sputtering targets involve direct consolidation of chromium powders. Work has been done on spinodal (copper/tin/nickel) alloys for thick-section material applications. The PIF process has also been used to consolidate various other materials including cobalt/chrome, stainless steel, aluminum silicon carbide, aluminum boron carbide, tungsten, and tungsten carbide, among others.

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