Feedstock Paste

The feedstock, or paste, is the moldable material that is subsequently used to make the part. It is important that during preparation the feedstock is able to retain its shape long enough to allow handling and further processing. Correct feedstock formulation and preparation is thus crucial for a defect-free, successful extrusion. The required characteristics of the feedstock include the following (Ref 2):

• The feedstock must be sufficiently plastic to flow under pressure into the desired cross section, while retaining enough rigidity to resist deformation due to its own weight, that is, slumping.

• The feedstock must have enough fluidity so that it does not stick to the die or other tooling, and that upon exit from the die it possesses a smooth surface.

• Phase separation within the feedstock (i.e., separation of the binder and powder) must not occur during extrusion.

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