Example 1 Iron Carrier Pinion Gear

This application focuses on the densification and microstructure properties of an iron carrier pinion gear (Fig. 2) manufactured from the iron composition FLN 4-4405. A product evaluation was done to determine the effectiveness of PIF at improving overall density and density at key areas of known lower value. A typical gear in the as-received condition has a density of 7.3 g/cm3, which after sintering became 7.34 g/cm3. Final density was evaluated under two sets of conditions:

• Press and delube (at a presinter of 815 °C, or 1500 °F)

• Press, delube (at a presinter of 815 °C), and sinter at 1150 °C (2100 °F)

The gear exhibits a density gradient with the center at the lowest value when compared with the top and bottom values.

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