Batch Type Furnaces

Bell Furnace. The base of the bell furnace is permanently installed on the floor. Work to be processed is loaded onto the base and then covered with a heat-resistant alloy retort to contain the protective atmosphere. The furnace bell then is lifted and placed over the retort and base.

The elevator furnace has the furnace bell above the mill floor on a fixed structure. The base and work load are covered with a retort and rolled on tracks under the furnace. An elevator system then raises the base, work, and retort into the furnace.

Bell and elevator furnaces are commonly used for sintering friction materials. They can be equipped with work-pressing devices to apply heavy pressure to loads such as clutch and brake facings. They also are useful for sintering heavy loads or large pieces and for applications that require long programmed heating and cooling cycles. These furnaces can also be used when extremely pure atmosphere conditions are required.

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