Angle of Repose

The angle of repose of an aggregate, or the angle of the surface of an unconstrained pile of solids with the horizontal, is of practical interest rather than of theoretical concern. Of the various physical properties of bulk powders, the angle of repose is the easiest to obtain. It is related to interparticle friction and the flowability of cohesion-less material. This property is frequently used to characterize powdered materials.

The angle of repose of a powdered material does not always give satisfactory reproducibility and is often masked by other factors that are not inherent to the material (most frequently, the presence of a liquid). Thus, before a standard measuring method that provides reasonable reproducibility is developed, its usability as a measure of powdered material property must be established.

However, although the angle of repose is frequently used as a convenient characterization of powdered material, its ultimate reliability depends on the measuring method used. Therefore, the measuring method should be carefully selected, especially when the measured angle of repose is to be used to determine another property, so that it best reflects the property to be quantified.

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