The authors are grateful to a number of people for help in gathering the material for publication here; in particular, Janet Wilson and Kevin R. Holmes from Federal-Mogul Technology, Cawston, England, for their effort in preparing models for finite element analysis, E. Pavier and P. Doremus of Laboratoire Sols, Solides, Structures, Grenoble, France, for allowing extensive use of data toward the calibration of models for powder behavior, Gerard Puente of Federal-Mogul Sintered Products, Pont-de-Claix, France assisted in the analysis of the compaction experiments. Finally, Howard

Sanderow of M.E.T., Dayton, Ohio, Dr. Sriram Krishnaswami of MARC Analysis Research Corp., Palo Alto, California, and Dr. Howard A. Kuhn of Concurrent Technologies Corp., Johnstown, Pennsylvania reviewed this article and contributed valuable comments.

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