Pipe Anchors

Expansion is not the only force that can alter the alignment of a pipe. Vibration, commodity turbulence, and other external forces, such as wind, cause a pipe to move. Often restriction of a pipe's movement becomes necessary. To prevent movement or to control the direction of movement pipe anchors are often used. Two types of pipe anchors exist: fixed and directional. Fixed anchors are used in locations where all movement of a line must be prevented. The most common way to anchor a pipe is to weld the pipe directly to a support or structural member. If the pipe to be anchored is insulated, the pipe shoe is welded to the structural support. Shoes will be discussed later.

Directional anchors are used to force movement to occur in one direction while preventing it from occurring in the opposite direction. Directional anchors are often used to direct a pipe's movement away from buildings, structures, or pieces of equipment. Figure 11-8 depicts the anchoring of uninsulated pipe.

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