Drawing the Long Radius Elbow

Two step-by-step methods will be presented for constructing the 90° long-radius elbow. Figure 3-6 shows the steps using manual drafting techniques and Figure 3-7 shows those steps using AutoCAD commands.

Long Radius Elbow Dimensions
Single line: 12" and smaller

Double line: 14" and larger Figure 3-5. 90° long-radius elbow.

21". 14" ELBOW



Piping Elbow Center Chart


3- 12" ELBOW k 11/9X NOMINAL \ SIZE

Figure 3-6.14"-90° elbow. Manual drafting solutions.

Step 1. Mark off the distance from the center of the fitting to the end of the fitting. This is the A dimension from the Welded Fittings-Flanges Chart.

Step 2. Determine the nominal size of pipe and mark off one-half of its size on each side of the fitting's centerline.

Step 3. Extend the ends of the fitting down and across respectively until they intersect. This will be the centerpoint for drawing the arcs that will form the ell. Use a circle template or compass to draw the arcs.

Step 4. Remember, for fittings 12" and below, only the arc representing the elbow's centerline is drawn when creating single-line symbols.

Piping Elbow Center Chart

14" ELBOW 11/2X DiA-

Piping Elbow Center Chart
Figure 3-7. 14"-90° elbow. AutoCAD commands.

Drawing set-up. Set LINETYPE to Center. Set LTSCALE to 32.

Set LIMITS: lower left—0,0; upper right—36,36. ZOOM, All.

Step 1. Use the ARC command, CSE option to draw the elbow's centerline from 28,2 (PT.C). The 21" radius should be measured above PT.C.

Step 2. Use OFFSET to draw the inside and outside arcs of the elbow. The offset distance will be equal to one-half of the nominal pipe size, that is, 7".

Step 3. Use CHPROP to change the inside and outside arcs to Continuous linetypes.

Set LINETYPE to Continuous.

Step 4. Use the LINE command to draw the ends of elbow.

NOTE: The step-by-step instructional procedures presented using computer-aided drafting techniques presume each student has a comprehensive knowledge of basic AutoCAD commands. These self-instructional steps provide a simple method to create each fitting. They are not intended to restrict the student to any particular commands. Each student is encouraged to experiment with new commands that may achieve the same result.

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