Preface and acknowledgements

Metal foams are a new class of materials with low densities and novel physical, mechanical, thermal, electrical and acoustic properties. This Design Guide is a contribution to the concurrent development of their science and exploitation. It seeks to document design information for metal foams even as the scientific research and process development are evolving. This should help to identify promising industrial sectors for applications, guide process development and accelerate take-up.

This work is supported by the DARPA/ONR MURI Program through Grant No. N00014-1-96-1028 for Ultralight Metal Structures and by the British Engineering and Science Research Council through a Research Grant. Many individuals and groups have contributed to its contents. They include Professor B. Budiansky, Professor H. Stone, Professor R. Miller, Dr A. Bastawros, Dr Y. Sugimura of the Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University; Dr T.J. Lu, Dr Anne-Marie Harte, Dr V. Deshpande of the Micromechanics Centre, Engineering Department, Cambridge University; Dr E.W. Andrews and Dr L. Crews of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, MIT; Professor D. Elzey, Dr D. Sypeck and Dr K. Dharmasena of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, UVA; Dr John Banhart of the Fraunhofer Institut Angewandte Materialsforschung, Bremen; Professor H.P. Degisher and Dr Brigdt Kriszt of the Technical University of Vienna, Dr Jeff Wood of Cymat Corp. Mississauga, Canada; and Mr Bryan Leyda of Energy Research and Generation Inc. Oakland, CA.

Although the compilers of this Guide have made every effort to confirm the validity of the data and design information it contains, the compilers make no warranty, either expressed or implied, with respect to their quality, accuracy or validity.

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