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Highly Recommended

I usually find books written on this category hard to understand and full of jargon. But the author was capable of presenting advanced techniques in an extremely easy to understand language.

This ebook served its purpose to the maximum level. I am glad that I purchased it. If you are interested in this field, this is a must have.

12411 Commingled plastics and plastic lumber

In some cases, separation of collected plastics by resin type is either not feasible with current technology or is economically unattractive. For such streams, use of the plastics in a commingled form may be preferable. A number of applications have been developed for commingled plastics. Many fall in the general category of plastic lumber, while others are replacements for concrete or other materials. Some of these processes are also able to handle substantial concentrations of nonplastic contaminants, reducing the need for cleaning the collected material. Some plastic lumber products use single-resin recycled plastics or single-resin plastics combined with fillers or reinforcers. The ET 1 system developed by Advanced Recycling Technology of Brakel, Belgium, is a more modern variant of the Klobbie process, and it has been used by a number of operations in several different countries. The feed must contain a minimum of 50 to 60 polyolefin. The short, high-speed adiabatic screw...


Throughout the years there have been used different forms and or terms of plastic lumber that usually provide significant increases in physical, mechanical, chemical resistant, long life, and other properties. Compressed wood (also called densified wood or laminated wood) is wood that has been subjcctcd to high compression pressure to increase its density with or without plastics. Composition boards are small particles of wood bonded together that usually use a plastic to bond them. Laminated wood is a high pressure bonded wood product composed of layers of wood with plastic such as phenolic as the laminating agent. Modified wood is any wood where its properties have been improved by plastics. Compreg (also called impregnated wood-plastic) is a contraction of compressed plastic impregnated wood.

Timber Resources and Uses

In the United States, more than 100 wood species are available to the prospective user, but all are unlikely to be available in any one locality. About 60 native woods are of major commercial importance. Another 30 species are commonly imported in the form of logs, cants, lumber, and veneer for industrial uses, the building trade, and crafts. Softwoods are available directly from the sawmill, wholesale and retail yards, or lumber brokers. Softwood lumber and plywood are used in construction for forms, scaffolding, framing, sheathing, flooring, moulding, paneling, cabinets, poles and piles, and many other building components. Softwoods may also appear in the form of shingles, sashes, doors, and other millwork, in addition to some rough products such as timber and round posts. Hardwoods are used in construction for flooring, architectural woodwork, interior woodwork, and paneling. These items are usually available from lumberyards and building supply dealers. Most hardwood lumber and...

Adjustable Panels Absorption

Free standing acoustical flats are useful studio accessories. A typical flat consists of a frame of 1 x 4 lumber with plywood back filled with a low density (e.g., 3 lb per cu ft) glass fiber board faced with a fabric such as muslin or glass fiber cloth to protect the soft surface. Arranging a few such flats strategically can give a certain amount of local control of acoustics.

102 Wood as a Material

One needs to differentiate between wood and timber. In this chapter, wood is considered as small clear specimens that one might idealize as perfect material. On the other hand, timber comes in the sizes that are typically used in construction and has growth characteristics such as knots, slope of grain, splits and checks, and other characteristics due to the conditions under which the tree grew or the lumber was manufactured. These growth characteristics contribute to significant differences in performance between wood and timber. They also provide the inherent weakness in the material that the structural engineer or designer needs to be aware of. Moisture content changes have effects in addition to simply changing the perpendicular-to-grain dimension. Restrained wood subjected to the cycling of moisture content, can cause distortion of the members. General issues of warping can include checking or splitting of the lumber due to restraint of the connections, or wood members with grain...

Scanning proton microprobe

Sax des eng A tool for chopping away the edges of roof slates it has a pick at one end for making nail holes. saks Saybolt color eng A color standard for petroleum products determined with a Saybolt chro-mometer. 'sa.bolt .ksl-sr Saybolt Furol viscosimeter eng An instrument for measuring viscosity of very thick fluids, for example, heavy oils similar to the Saybolt Universal viscosimeter, but with a larger-diameter tube so that the efflux time is about one-tenth that of the Universal instrument. 'saT .bolt 'fyU.rTTl .vis-ks'sim-sd-sr Saybolt Universal viscosimeter eng An instrument for measuring viscosity by the time it takes a fluid to flow through a calibrated tube used for the lighter petroleum products and lubricating oils. 'sa.bolt .yU-ns'vsr-ssl .vis-ks'sim-sd-sr scab build A short, flat piece of lumber that is used to splice two pieces of wood set at right angles to each other. skab SCADA See supervisory control and data acquisition. 'skad-s or es i a di'a scaffold civ eng A...

Codes and Specifications

Though you may not be familiar with codes specific to piping facilities, you are familiar with an ordinary structure to which codes also apply the typical house. Codes have been written concerning door sizes, window sizes, lumber sizes, electrical requirements, etc. As an example, the minimum width of a front entry door is 3'-0. Windows in Specs for a house might include the drawing scale to which the construction drawings were created. They may require the use of a particular grade of lumber or specify the thickness of insulation to be installed in the attic. Specs inform someone which color of carpet to buy or from what manufacturer to order the water heater.

Generation Of Solid Wastes

Wastes from razed building and other structures are classified as demolition wastes. Wastes from the construction, remodeling, and repair of commercial and industrial buildings and other similar structures are classified as construction wastes. These wastes may include dirt, stones, concrete, bricks, plaster, lumber, shingles, and plumbing, heating, and electrical parts.

1103 Manufacturing Strategy

Only one printer, or a small family of similar printers. Process focus limits the plant to a process, or a closely related set of processes. Typical examples might be a lumber mill or a foundry. Many different products may be produced, but they are all produced from common processes. Finally, there is a focus on order winners. In this case, manufacturing resources are organized in a manner which allows a given marketing strategy to be carried out. If delivery reliability is identified as the order winner, our printer manufacturer may choose to carry a high level of finished goods inventory, or may carry excess capacity to ensure that no bottlenecks in production are encountered.

104 Design Considerations

Performance requirements for a given building are usually determined by the building code that is enforced for the jurisdiction. However, there are also the local amendments and local conditions that must be considered when determining the performance requirements of a given project. Resistance determination and sizing of lumber for a given project are governed by the choice of design methodology used. If LRFD is used, one set of load combinations from the building code or ASCE 7 is required. If ASD is used, another set of load combinations should be used.

Test of Magnolia Bearings by R W Hawthorn at works of Leslie Co Ltd Newcastleon Tyne

I have used much Magnolia Metal and will have no other. A heavily loaded 200 h.p. automatic engine of which I took charge four years ago would not hold babbitt metal in the quarter box or crank brasses. I put Magnolia Metal into both places and have had -no trouble since. These bearings now hardly run warm. I believe Magnolia to be the only metal for engine men who want sure relief from hot-box trouble.-Chas. Barkleroad, Engineer, Mowbray & Robinson Lumber Co., West Irvine, Ky.

15 United Stirling Engines

United Stirling A.B., was formed in 1968 by Forenade Fabriksverken (FFV) and Kockums Mekaniska Verkstads A. B. FFV is a defence-related industrial group owned by the Swedish government. Kockums is a large publicly-owned Swedish company having its main business in shipbuilding and the lumber industry.

105 Resistance Determination

The Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) Manual for Engineered Wood Construction (American Forest and Paper Association 1996) distinguishes between nominal design values for visually and mechanically graded lumber connections and has supplements to provide guidance for all other wood-based products. This document provides both the reference design mechanical property and the applicable adjustment factors to account for end-use and environmental conditions. The reference properties that are included in the document are Fb, bending strength, Ft, tension parallel-to-grain strength, Fs, shear strength, Fc, the compression parallel-to-grain strength, Fc , the compression strength perpendicular-to-grain, and E, the modulus of elasticity. Two values for modulus of elasticity are typically provided in the supplements the mean and fifth percentile values. It should be stressed that the resistance values provided in the LRFD manual should not be mixed or combined with values obtained from...

Batch Tray And Dryers

Noodles Dryer Coil Arrangements

Description A tray or compartment dryer is an enclosed, insulated housing in which solids are placed upon tiers of trays in the case of particulate solids or stacked in piles or upon shelves in the case of large objects. Heat transfer may be direct from gas to solids by circulation of large volumes of hot gas or indirect by use of heated shelves, radiator coils, or refractory walls inside the housing. In indirect-heat units, excepting vacuum-shelf equipment, circulation of a small quantity of gas is usually necessary to sweep moisture vapor from the compartment and prevent gas saturation and condensation. Compartment units are employed for the heating and drying of lumber, ceramics, sheet materials (supported on poles), painted and metal objects, and all forms of particulate solids.


Keywords wood structure, physical properties (wood), mechanical properties (wood), lumber, wood-based composites, plywood, panel products, design, fastenings, wood moisture, drying, gluing, fire resistance, finishing, decay, sandwich construction, preservation, and wood-based products 7. Kiln drying of wood is an important procedure during lumber manufacturing.

Types of Equipment

The retort has the longest application history and has been used extensively to make wood charcoal and naval stores. It is a batch system where the retort is charged, sealed, and heated externally. The heating cycle is long (often over twenty-four hours). The products are complex. They are normally solid char and a pyroligneous acid plus the gas produced which is used as the energy source for indirect heating. The process is limited by the rate of heat addition a typical analysis for demolition lumber shows a yield of 35 char, 30 water, 12 wood tar, 5 acetic acid, 3 methanol, and 15 gas with a heating value of 300 Btu cu ft.

1247 Nylon

An unusual recycling system is that of Preserve brand toothbrushes, manufactured by Recycline, Inc., of Somerville, Mass. Buyers of the toothbrushes, which have handles made from a blend of recycled and virgin polypropylene and nylon bristles, can send the brushes back to the company in a postage-paid return envelope. The brushes are then recycled into plastic lumber, with the claim that the blend of PP and nylon actually strengthens the lumber.106

108 Connections

Dowel connections can be divided into two principal groups small and large dowel connections. The designation refers to the relative length of the fastener in the wood member to the diameter, similar to the slenderness ratio for columns. This differentiation of dowel connections can be made because small dowel connections tend to be governed by the yield strength of the dowel and are usually considered to share the load equally. This is because as the individual fasteners yield, the load is redistributed to the other fasteners in the connection and all of the fasteners will yield and bend before the wood fails. On the other hand, large dowel connections tend to be increasingly governed by the crushing strength of the wood. Imperfections in the connection due to construction tolerances and variability of the wood material cause the load to be carried unequally between the individual fasteners in the connection (group action effects). The differentiation diameter for dimensional lumber...

High speed

We have for six years put Magnolia Metal to the severest test on rip saws, planers and moulding machines, running 5000 r.p.m. and doing heavy work, and have found it much superior in every respect to any other metal on the market. Our mill has not been stopped on account of a hot box in all this time. We highly recommend Magnolia Metal. - C. M. Johnson, Supt. of Machinery, White Pine Lumber Co., Milwaukee, Wis.

0 D Outside Diameter

Nominal pipe size (NPS) is used to describe a pipe by name only. In process piping, the term nominal refers to the name of the pipe, much like the name 2x4 given to a piece of lumber. The lumber does not actually measure 2 x 4, nor does a 6 pipe actually measure 6 in diameter. It's just an easy way to identify lumber and pipe.

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