Working Modes

Various working modes can be implemented in Prep-SFC. They include pressure and/or composition gradients and simulated moving bed SFC (SMB-SFC). Although these techniques may be useful in theory, they are rarely justified by practice and economics. Pressure or composition gradients can be used for selectivity enhancement and/or elution time reduction when the feedstock components have a large range of retention factors. However, with gradients, one of the advantages of Prep-SFC, the speed, is lost since time is required between the two injections to restore the initial pressure or composition, whereas in isocratic Prep-SFC, one can inject the next sample before the previous one is completely eluted.

SMB-SFC offers some of the theoretical advantages of its related technique SMB-HPLC. In SMB-SFC, the feed introduction and the product removal are continuous. The stationary phase is used more efficiently due to the countercurrent process. In SMB-HPLC the high complexity of the system is counterbalanced by savings on the mobile phase consumption, but this is not the case in SMB-SFC because the eluent is already recycled. However, in SMB-HPLC, the elution is necessarily isocratic while in SMB-SFC it is possible to create a pressure gradient in the system and, in some cases, this advantage can bring a decisive productivity increase.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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