Variations of Countercurrent Chromatography

The standard CCC technique described above may be modified so that it is suitable for a particular type of separation. Many of these modified CCC schemes have their counterpart in LC, utilizing a solid support matrix. Table 1 summarizes the relationship between a variety of CCC techniques and their counterparts in LC.

Table 1 Variations of CCC with their counterparts in LC with solid support matrix



Counterpartin LC

Normal mode

Organic phase mobile

Normal-phase LC

Reversed mode

Aqueous phase mobile

Reversed-phase LC

Dual mode

Both phases mobile

Moving-bed LC


Ion exchanger in SPa

Ion LC

Affinity CCC

Affinity ligand in SP

Affinity LC

pH-Zone-refining CCC

Retainer in SP; eluter in MPb

Displacement LC

Chiral CCC

Chiral selector in SP

Chiral LC

aSP, stationary phase. bMP, mobile phase.

aSP, stationary phase. bMP, mobile phase.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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