Vapour Phase Ionization of the Analytes Directly from the Adsorbent

Where the analytes are volatile and thermally stable and are to be ionized by EI/CI, the zone of interest is concentrated as described earlier and a portion of the adsorbent is placed in a standard quartz sample tube. A small plug of quartz wool is placed on top of the sample to prevent the fine silica being sucked out of the tube during evacuation. The sample tube is then fitted to the direct insertion probe. The volatile analyte is desorbed by heat from the involatile adsorbent.

Where ionization is by MALDI, various methods have been described that enable mass spectra to be obtained directly from the TLC plate. TLC-MALDI takes advantage of the ability of MALDI to ionize fragile, low and high molecular weight compounds with a high degree of sensitivity and without significant fragmentation.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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