V2p kV

8nn0z2e2 DkT

The treatment for a plane charged surface is due to Gouy and Chapman (after defining):

zep . zep0

Eqn [26] can be written as: d2y

-rpr- = k2 sinh y d2x with the boundary conditions at:

For the case where y0 is small, for example for univalent ions at room temperature, < 25 mV, the p = p0 exp - Khx

setting x = hx as the separation distance.

The quantity 1/k is the distance from the surface where the potential in the solution reaches 1/e (= 0.3679) of its value at the surface; the plane 1/k is used to represent the thickness of the diffuse layer adjacent to the surface. The charge density of the solid surface can be obtained from a knowledge of ^(x) vs x since:

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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