Vc Ej

where Ec is the electric field at wire surface at corona onset (V m"1); rw is the radius of wire (m) and:

qa/q Nw

Nw is a parameter to adjust for turbulence: a high value approaches Deutschian total mixing, a low value approaches laminar collection (laminar when Nw = 1). To correct for uneven gas flow, penetration is calculated at several gas velocities and the results combined by weighted averaging. Rapping loss can be specified or estimated by applying conventional dynamics to the falling of agglomerated 'cake' during collector cleaning. The model treats each ESP section separately, 'remixing' particulates exiting from each section.

ESPM can be used to predict V-I curves, 'grade efficiency' (penetration as a function of particle diameter), and other aspects of ESP performance under varying conditions.

where b is the wire-plate separation (m); p is the ion mobility (m2 s"1 V-1).

Current densities at other plate locations are calculated as:

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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