The Structure of Nacre

Biogenic crystals may use the inner surface of the periostracum, the surface of other, already formed crystals, or the organic matrix as a substrate. Special attention has been drawn to the microstructure of nacre which exhibits an exceptionally regular arrangement of tabular aragonite crystals. Thin inter-digitated aragonite plates develop in close association with thin horizontally aligned organic layers (inter-lamellar sheets) upon which aragonite crystals are nucleated (Figure 4B, Figure 5). In order to grow crystals into a highly regular brickwork-like pattern, numerous nucleation events would have to be synchronized with each other at distant locations. An alternative growth mechanism was proposed to explain the precision by which aragonite platelets are uniformly co-aligned within the same and consecutive layers. According to this model, nacre may be constituted of extended, continuous single crystalline domains of aragonite platelets that are interconnecting by mineral bridges through the perforated inter-lamellar sheets.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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