The Continuous Distillation Column

We study here the simple two-product continuous distillation column in Figure 5. We will first limit ourselves to a binary feed mixture, and the component index is omitted, so the mole fractions (x, y, z) refer to the light component. The column has N equilibrium stages, with the reboiler as stage number 1. The feed with total molar flow rate F (mol s"1) and mole fraction z enters at stage NF.

The section above the feed stage is denoted the rectifying section, or just the top section, and the most volatile component is enriched upwards towards the distillate product outlet (D). The stripping section, or the bottom section, is below the feed, in which the least volatile component is enriched towards the bottoms product outlet (B). (The least volatile component is stripped out.) Heat is supplied in the reboiler and removed in the condenser, and we do not consider any heat loss along the column.

The feed liquid fraction q describes the changes in liquid and vapour flow rates at the feed stage:

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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