Tactics for the Anaesthetic Gas Analysis

It is usually required to measure a number of the components in an anaesthetic mixture (e.g. vapours and permanent gases), and a single column in a single isothermal run rarely meets this need. Although isothermal operation is preferred whenever possible, temperature programming may be used to improve the separation process. The magnitude of the temperature range depends on the sample components and the nature of the column packing materials. The disadvantage of temperature programming is that time is required at the end of an analysis to return the initial column temperature.

Using temperature as a variable is not, however, the only approach. Improved separations can be achieved by employing mixed column packing materials in various proportions and column lengths (e.g. porous polymers and molecular sieves) and multi-column (parallel or serially) arrangements operating in tandem or at different temperatures with single or multidetector systems. Utilizing these approaches in various multicolumn and detector combinations allows the analyst to separate most mixtures of anaesthetics and permanent gases. Figures 5-7 show the various arrangements with examples of the chromato-grams obtained.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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