Synchronization of Separation and Detection

A major problem to be solved is synchronization of the continuous sample flow from the chromato-graphic equipment and the scan time required for taking an ESR spectrum. This subject has already been tackled by a number of authors. However, problems regarding signal separation and measurement sensitivity remain. A typical ESR scanning time is one minute for a spectrum and this may be in conflict with the elution time of a single fraction from a HPLC column. Since complete chromatograms usually take some 8-15 min, single fractions are likely to take less than a minute to elute so no constant conditions can be expected in the sample cuvette while a spectrum is running. Simply stopping the flow for the time of recording a spectrum may result in local diffusion, causing a loss of resolution in the separation step, so this approach is not recommended. Pulsed short-time spectra (FT-spectroscopy) are very sophisticated requiring a much more complicated instrumentation, so the 'cw' (continuous wave) technique still remains the current standard method.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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