Suitable Ion Pair Reagents for IPTLC

A range of IP reagents have been used for TLC and high performance TLC (HPTLC). These include both the conventional IP reagents used in other forms of liquid chromatography, such as heptanesulfonic acid, triethanolamine dodecylbenzene sulfonate and sodium dodecyl sulfate for bases and quaternary ammonium salts including tetramethyl, tetrabutylam-monium and cetrimide for acids. Some limited work has been performed using 'bolaform' bisquaternary ammonium compounds where two such groups are separated by an alkyl chain of varying length which acts as a spacer.

In addition to these IP reagents, it is arguable that in cases where strong organic acids such as tri-fluoroacetic acid have been used to enable good chromatography of bases to be obtained, a form of IP chromatography is being performed.

Chiral IP reagents have been employed in a limited number of cases (see below) in order to effect the resolution of certain basic drugs.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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