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For a subject as old as distillation, and with such a wide range of applications, there is an extensive collection of published information. With the advent of electronic databases and online web-based resources it has become much easier to perform literature searches on particular topics and to keep abreast of the current literature and recent developments. For this reason an extensive reference list to journal articles is not provided in the Further Reading at the end of this article. Selected papers are included that can be used to locate related references. Author or subject searches of the journal literature (from 1956 to the present, with six-monthly updates) can easily be performed by using the CHERUBâ„¢ Chemical Engineering Database (complied by M. S. Ray) which is included on the Engineering & Applied Science CD-Rom Database. The ability to easily search the chemical engineering literature is a recent development, and is an important advantage for distillation re

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searchers. Another useful reference source is a series of annual update bibliographic papers on 'Equilibrium-staged Separations' (e.g. Separation Science and Technology 32(18): 3067-3083, 1997). Patent searches can also be performed on the web, e.g., and (the website of the US Patent & Trademark Office). Several handbooks and monographs (and CD-ROMs) containing property data useful for distillation systems have also been compiled, e.g. C. L. Yaws (transport properties data and thermodynamic diagrams); J. Gmehling and co-workers (including VLE data, heats of mixing, azeotropic data); and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers' Design Institute for Physical Property Data (DIPPR) publications.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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