Solvent Removal Approaches

Since the main problem with direct combination of SEC with FTIR is the lack of spectral windows in the solvent, a number of researchers have studied approaches to remove the solvent prior to the FTIR examination.

Laboratory Connections Inc. have developed approaches which use either warm gas or ultra-sonica-tion and vacuum to remove solvent from the atomized eluent and deposit the fractionated material as a thin annulus on a germanium disc. The germanium disc is then transferred to a matching rotating stage located in the infra-red instrument and spectra are recorded as the disc is rotated to mimic the chromato-gram. Specialist software allows complex manipulation of the chromatography and spectroscopic data. The quality of spectra that can be obtained without any requirement to overload the chromatographic system is very good and this technique can be used for most SEC approaches and the only real limitation is the potential for losing low molecular weight material with the solvent.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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